Sunday, February 3, 2008


Renee said...

I am so happy to see your pictures. Your girls are so cute and growing up so fast. I can't wait for dress up with Shaela. Can't wait for more pictures.

Erin Sellers said...

Hey! cute pics -the girls are so fun!

Crystal said...

hey girl! i got noticed your blog on gina's page, and i've been checkin' it out for a while waiting for you to post. isn't blogging fun??

mitch said he saw you at the gold's gym the other day workin' out. I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WORKED OUT THERE!! i am dying for a work out partner. call me! i would love to meet you over there sometime.

and since i've been spying on you :) feel free to spy on us too if you want.

ps...can you believe our babies are getting sooo big?? it seems like we were just pregnant together with marley and brooklyn.

Pearson's said...

Way to go. Your blog is so cute! Love that picture of your family. My nieces are so cute. I love them to death. they are so funny, those pic's of them playing dress up at my mom's house are hilarious! well, keep it up. Can't wait to see what you post next.

Shalyse said...

cute pics Elena!!! I love your girls, you are such a good mom!

austin & cherisse dyer said...

hey just wanted to say hello. looks like you guys are up and running.
take care and drop us a line when you get a chance.

rexburg friends
ryan grover
andy grover

sorensonshome said...

Hey Elena cute M&M'S! Just crusing blogs and found yours. Here is ours
it was good to see you at the park so long ago it seems(soon the sun will be out again).

austin & cherisse said...

O your girls are so cute. We will be up there for c-mas this year so lets get together