Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nov 2010 - How Time Flies

Marlee with cousins. These 3 are best buds!!!
Kyle went hunting with no success.

We did the JDRF walk for Diabetes as a family. We had a great time and raised
money for research to find a cure. Thanks to all that donated.

McKaylee is taking a clogging class and doing a great job. Her feet move so fast.
Granny was here for a visit in September. She helped celebrate my
birthday after she went to Canada with Grandma and Grandpa Smith.
Marlee is in Kindergarten!!!
McKaylee is in 3rd grade!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Updates finally! :)

McKaylee and Marlee playing with Roxy at the park.

McKaylee posing while we are getting wood for the winter.
We love our fireplace!!!

Marlee checking out the flowers she picked
while waiting for sis at school.

Marlee is dressed up as Miley Cyrus at the Hannah
Montana dress up contest at Wal-Mart.

McKaylee as Hannah Montana. She took first place.
She won a Hannah Montana jewelry box with jewelry.
Marlee took third place and won a necklace.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

summer fun

Paca loves all 6 grandkids. He even risks putting his back out.
We all went to the zoo in Portland. Uncle WJ is helping Mars and his boys
We slept outside one night on the trampoline with the cousins/

Spending time with Auntie who is the Valley Queen.

Marshmallow the cat is a great sport.

The three girl cousins and the easy going cat. We love to play outside all the time at Granny and Paca's.

Monday, August 18, 2008

McKaylee's 6th Birthday

She is posing with her new Hannah Montana glasses at Toys 'R Us

Here she is ready to bust open her pinata. Pinata's are a tradition in our family. I know her bday was almost 4 months ago, so I will try to update our summer.

We're Back

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Marlee is super excited for lots of presents from the Sellers' clan.

Here is the gorgeous quilt that Nana made for her. Nana puts all her love into her quilts. Marlee has already been loving it.

Marlee requested a white cake with green frosting. McKaylee and Marlee helped me put the sprinkles on it. It is a 3 layered leaning cake.

This is McKaylee on Sunday morning excited that her sister is 3. She said that all she can think about is her sister. She is such a great big sister and helped to make sure Marlee had a special day.

Birthday Fun for Marlee

We started celebrating Marlee's birthday on Saturday night. We went to Burger King for dinner and then on to Toys R Us for our tradition. Marlee picked out a monkey with a blanket.

This is Marlee's birthday on Sunday Morning. It is hard to see, but it was snowing all morning long.

Marlee picked out a unicorn pinata and she was too scared to hit it. The boy cousins and McKaylee took care of beating the candy out.